Mazazu Crepe is the Singapore franchise of the Japanese crepe chain, Mother's Crepe and Cafe.
It is managed by a homegrown Singapore business, A Sweet Tooth LLP.

Mazazu Crepe aims to provide delicious yet healthy products that reflect every mother's wish for the well being of their child.


What is the Mazazu Crepe?
Mazazu Crepe uses a proprietary recipe for our crepe mix and whip cream, which is a result of many hours of hard work and research and development by the Mother's Crepe team in Japan.


Our crepe mix is created with the aim of combining taste with nutrition. Our crepe mix has flour mixed with bran, which is very high in dietary fibre. In fact, our crepe mix contains 50% of the dietary fibre commonly found in cereals. It is also well balanced in minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. It is said that 2-5 grams per day of such minerals should be consumed by all people. In just 1 Mazazu crepe, you get about 1 gram of such minerals already.

We also specially select a particular type of butter that when combined with our crepe mix, gives us crepes that have a mouthwatering fragrance.


We are very conscious of the common perception of whip cream being of very high fat content. As such, significant amount of effort has been put into researching a light-tasting, low fat whip cream. Usually, whip cream is made from animal fat. Such animal fat-based whip cream has about 50% fat content. However, our whipped cream contains only 26% fat content and it is all vegetable fat, hence, also lower in cholesterol.